Hokay, So Here’s the Blog

If you’re missing that reference, click. You’re welcome.

Good morning and welcome to the first day of conference play!

Tuesday’s result:

Western 105, Quest 48

A salmon cheers in the distance; no one cares. This blog is a pretty big homer of WWU and yet… no.

This is the third post of four that’ll be going up today because November was insane and December is less insane. Thankfully. It was fun though, was it not? And we know a heck of a lot more than we did a month ago (duh).

As such, we never looked at who the CCAA was playing in non-region and to be frank: It doesn’t matter at this point either. It will be something to look at come the end of the month, as will the conference preview.

This isn’t us dodging a bullet; this is us wanting to look at everything in one lump sum.

Tonight’s games:

Seattle Pacific at Northwest Nazarene
MSU-Billings at Central Washington
Alaska-Anchorage at Saint Martin’s
Alaska-Fairbanks at Western Oregon

The urge to make predictions has arisen:

  • UAA and SPU should both win.
  • WOU should win.
  • MSUB at CWU is theoretically going to be a heck of an amazing game. Central has a better resume, but MSUB has played a lot of obligation teams that kind of screw them over regardless; if they win, it means nothing, and if they lose it looks horrible. We love the Yellowjackets, so we’re giving them the benefit of the doubt and they just came off a great win against Black Hills State, so… toss up, the game is likely to be a toss-up.

WWU and SFU have their travel pairing day and so they only play a game on Saturday. The game is at SFU, and… count us as very intrigued, but that’s a post for either tomorrow or Saturday morning.

Tonight’s games will be tweeted live updates of, woo-hoo! Things are finally calming down enough to allow it again. Very exciting stuff.

Speaking of which: we just unfollowed a ton of people on twitter, but fear not: it was all various D2 athletic conferences from around the country and then CCAA/Pac-West schools; our feed was just too crazy and full of irrelevant information.

The general athletic feed of every Pac-West school can be found here; the general athletic feed of every CCAA school can be found here; feeds of various conferences can be found here; finally, the GNAC feeds can be found here.

Player of the week for the past week will still be named; hopefully tomorrow.

Anything else? OH. Patrick Simon II. We call him Patrick Simon the Second because Seattle Pacific had a different 6’8 Patrick Simon the last couple of years (currently playing in Germany); SPU is a prominent team in our conference, Pat was arguably the best player in our conference, and he just graduated last year, so it makes sense to distinguish and we want the current Pat to make his own name.

Good luck tonight to the Crusaders, Falcons, Yellowjackets, Wildcats, Saints, Seawolves, Wolves, and Nanooks!

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