Player of the Week is… Sango Niang!

Sango Niang, from Simon Fraser, had eight rebounds, three assists, four steals, one block, and 29 points, along with picking up just one foul, in the Clan’s losing effort to Academy of Art. While Sango also had seven turnovers, he more than makes up for it between his eight rebounds, three assists, and four steals for a moderately okay ratio.

The sentiment is always A/TO ratio and that’s likely because generally guards are picking up the assists and the turnovers without the rebounding numbers. In our conference it’s abundantly clear that there’s a lot more to it because our big men are just as liable in terms of turnovers in addition to getting down and dirty with boards; same with guards -there are guards in this conference that don’t necessarily get a high number of assists but their rebounding numbers are seriously impressive.

During SFU’s heartbreaking loss to Dominican, Niang had five rebounds, five assists, two steals, and 25 points while picking up three fouls. The three fouls in this case are considered a good thing -someone’s gotta bang. Teammate Michael Harper had an impressive 30 point outing on 10/14 shooting, but just didn’t do enough in the Academy Art loss to get the nod over Sango.

As noted: there were so many great candidates and there was a lot of parity. Niang wasn’t even nominated for player-of-the-week but then as stats were poured over it became obvious that he was just slightly more deserving than Harper. Call this blog a flip flopper, but we’re writing about college basketball -that is, higher education, critical thinking, development as people and as basketball players.

Critical thinking allows one to progress, opinions and views to change, and fluidity to exist -it’s not a bad thing to be wrong. Going with the grain works for some and not others. This blog is about engaging in discussion and dialogue in regard to men’s basketball in the NCAA Division II Great Northwest Athletic Conference -it’s about looking at the whole picture as a conference and to a degree as a region.

There’s a reason we bother to nominate a player from each team, just because even if they don’t get the nod they absolutely deserve to be highlighted. The decision to pick Sango, however, was easy because this award is about the player that’s done the most in any given week and even when you factor in SFU’s run and gun offense, scoring fifty-four points while also achieving balance among teammates and picking up a full house is seriously impressive.

Congrats Sango and go Clan!


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