Player-of-the-Week Nominations

UAF: Kyle Tomlinson, -no question; got us a win against the RMAC.
UAA: Brian McGill -simply because he was the best guy against Northwest Indian (which doesn’t really count, but oh well).
SFU: Michael Harper -good scoring, good balance in numbers; Sango Niang is a close second, but too many T/Os.
WWU: Jaamon Echols -scoring, also good balance in numbers.
SPU: Cory Hutsen -scoring output is exactly what he needs to do; almost didn’t get the nod due to turnovers though.
MSUB: Momir Gataric -the second most important piece on the team; he needs to step up bigger though when Hudson’s out.
CWU: Gary Jacobs -full house one game, sixteen points the other.
NNU: Erik Kinney -best option of severe turnover issues against NAIA opponents. What?
SMU: Trey Ingram -turnover issues, turnover issues everywhere, but while he had five T/Os one game, he also had 7 assists.
WOU: Andy Avgi -helped us pick up a critical win against Dixie State and didn’t suffer from massive turnover issues.

This was a week full of face palms, considering the opponents our teams lost to, and as a conference we had more turnovers than a bake sale. Still, the honor of player-of-the-week is bestowed not on a guy that necessarily helped his team win, but on the best overall performance of the week.

Consistency was lacking and usually the nod went to the guy that played best for one game, rather than multiple, and so… we’ll see. Winner will be posted tomorrow morning.


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