The Process of Adoption

This is still about basketball; just EVERYTHING deserves personification.

Concordia University in Portland will become a member of the GNAC next year. They were officially accepted in late October of last year, we’re thrilled to have them. Concordia University in Irvine is joining the Pac-West at the same time, so that’s fun too.

Right now CU-Portland’s been playing a bunch of GNAC schools and thus far there’s nothing bad to say. They’re starting to threaten to be a Cal Baptist type program where they come in and immediately dominate, which could be both scary and awesome.

Possibly the most interesting thing they’ll do, at least pre-season, is rearrange a couple of the travel pairings; right now SPU and MSUB are together, which makes very little sense. SPU and CWU would be fun, but more likely SPU and SMU will get together and then CU-Portland and WOU, with MSUB being a singleton.

Regardless: We’re very excited to get Concordia in our conference and look forward to formally welcoming the Cavaliers in the coming year.

The post about last night’s games should be up in the next couple of hours.

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