Rocky Mountain 73, MSUB 69.

Is anyone truly surprised about the MSUB score? Love the Yellowjackets, but the reality is that it’d happened once already. This time it was surprising because at least the last NAIA loss was on the road. Still maintain that MSUB will get better, still maintain that they’re a team to keep an eye on, still maintain that the Yellowjackets are in a hard spot with how much they didn’t return.

Player highlights: Austin Hudson had a double-double with 22 points and 11 boards while only picking up three fouls and managing two steals; Tyler Nelson had nine rebounds; Momir Gataric had 14 points and five boards; finally: Marc Matthews put in some quality minutes off the bench, doing a little bit of everything since shots weren’t falling.

Alaska-Fairbanks 68, Black Hills State 66.

Obviously Kyle Tomlinson hit a massive shot, but what’s great about Kyle in this case is that he played well throughout the game, not just when it counted; he finished five for eight with 15 points and a FULL HOUSE, collecting three boards, one assist, one steal, and one block. Ashton Edwards was fantastic off the bench with 20 points; Ruben had 10 points and six rebounds; rebounding was remarkably consistent across the team, which is fantastic.

These couple of days are going to be a little weird -there’s a lot of travel going on (not entirely anticipated) and so as with this post, they’re not all going to go up right on schedule, they’re not going to be as detailed, but things should calm down on Monday and we’ll be able to take a better look at things.

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