Back to the Norm

Brigham Young 75, Seattle Pacific 44
UC Irvine 128, Simon Fraser 92
Montana 105, Saint Martin’s 70
Oregon 104, Western Oregon 55

There’s the usual expectation as to what’s supposed to be going on.

BYU vs. SPU… Not unexpected, but in the case of the Falcons, frustrating. So far SPU hasn’t looked amazing, but it seems more lackadaisical rather than actually lacking in skills. Their shooting percentage in the first half was fine and it seemed as though they could’ve come back, but… you’re not going to come back against anyone, much less a D1 team, while shooting 22%. Again, not concerning until some of this stuff starts displaying itself during D2 play.

UC Irvine vs. Simon Fraser again counts as a positive result because the Clan managed to put up 92 points against a D1 team. It doesn’t mean anything and the defense was likely in the negatives, but it still is a positive because they finished last in conference and so it’s at least showing signs of life. They also got the hope that a few days of sunshine and warmth brings, which should not be understated in our soggy northwest climate.

Montana vs Saint Martin’s is again perfectly normal and it’s honestly good to see the Saints score 70 points. That’s a positive. It shows some offensive promise for a team that returns a lot. We shall see with the Saints. They could be last year’s WOU -get some good wins, make the conference tournament, surprise a few people.

With WOU, there’s a score that looks normal. It still is ridiculously awesome that they beat Oregon State, regardless as to how it happened, but… this looks more typical. It shouldn’t diminish the hope that WOU people should hold for their program. Again: they return a ton of people in a conference that doesn’t return much. They did some good things last year and will ave every opportunity to make something happen this year, so hopefully they take it.

Finally: A blessed Veteran’s Day to all of you and sincerest thanks to our veterans for their outstanding commitment and service to our country.

Tomorrow we’ll deal with today’s result and finally put up the tournament analysis post.


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