Non-D2 Say What?

Rocky Mountain 75, MSU-Billings 73
Washington 85, Saint Martin’s 65
Concordia 79, Alaska-Anchorage 74
Concordia 75, Alaska-Anchorage 73
Western Oregon 57, Oregon State 47
Northwest Nazarene 101, George Fox 76

If MSU-Billings people are starting to get concerned, at this point it seems relatively justified. Dropping one close game, okay, but two in a row? That starts to look like a trend. It’s still so early in the season that overreacting is ill-advised both from a rationality stand point and health stand point, but raising eyebrows skeptically seems fair.

The Washington/Saint Martin’s score is pretty much exactly what was expected. It wasn’t an embarrassingly bad blowout, just a typical one. Hope the Saints had fun playing in a D1 environment close to home.

The Concordia/Alaska-Anchorage scores are moderately surprising. We haven’t talked much about Concordia, but they’re coming into our conference next year and preliminarily it hasn’t seemed as though they’ll pull a Cal Baptist and immediately compete in conference, but with that result maybe they will. That would be really exciting.

Western Oregon/Oregon State is absolutely shocking and it’s a ridiculously good win for WOU regardless as to whether OSU finishes first or last in the Pac-12. They need to embrace every second of beating that team and really enjoy it. The pre-season poll predicted a few weeks ago that WOU has the potential to do some really good things this year and while again: non-D2 is largely meaningless, it’s still a super awesome win and the Wolves should be proud.

Northwest Nazarene, good and expected win over George Fox, nothing particularly notable. It’s George Fox so the stats aren’t really particularly relevant. They got the win they needed to and that’s what matters. Good job Crusaders.

Up next: Non-Conference Normalcy.


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