Here We Go…

Carroll 71, MSU-Billings 66
Alaska Anchorage 97, Alumni 62
Idaho 139, Simon Fraser 115
Central Washington 120, Blue Angels 92

That right there is far more to digest than I think anyone thought would happen in three days. An NAIA upset already? The score differential is likely inflated by fouling, we knew MSUB was likely to have a rough year, we knew that they were going to be adjusting big time, we know that they tend to be a second half of the season team, but… Losing to NAIA Carroll? Okay.

Really not sure what to think. Again, the score is still meaningless. To Carroll it could be a huge boon or it could mean nothing. It’ll be more curious once we’ve seen Carroll play some NAIA schools and MSUB play some D2 schools. Breathe Yellowjacket fans; the sky isn’t falling.

Alaska Anchorage, congrats on slaughtering your alums. Can’t spell ‘slaughter’ without ‘laughter.’

As noted yesterday: Good job SFU, not getting blown out. However, there is a bone to be piqued: There’s this thing called defense, not sure that you nor Idaho has heard of it, but it does some good things and has advantages at times. The Clan at least put up a respectable score against a D1 team; Idaho let a D2 team that finished last in conference, score 115 points on them. Maybe Simon Fraser will take it to heart? They can put up 119 on a Big Sky team, so why not do it in conference? Good luck with that.

With CWU… don’t read into it. That game was likely more akin to a pro-am than a collegiate game, and they let their opponents score 92 points. Remember these games are scheduled with the whole intent of getting guys to gel and have some mild success before a gauntlet of actual D2 games, so… good for the ego, bad if you’re committed to reality.

Tomorrow we’ll be discussing the three games played tonight, and then Thursday we’ll theoretically be discussing the tournaments that teams are playing in during November and December.


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