Welcome to November

You may have noticed that we took the entirety of last week off. That was semi-intentional because there’s just not a lot of actual relevance, so why waste anyone’s time?

Individual coaches likely have a fairly solid idea as to what to expect out of their respective new guys, but even for them to get it as a collective and what the conference dynamic is going to be seems messy.

The good news is that games have started! The bad news is this week’s games mean nothing.

A huge part of why we left last week blank was because of the philosophy that pre-season predictions don’t matter and until we start playing D2 games, these games matter little in terms of tangible information. When CWU plays a formerly 1-19 MN-Crookston on the 14th, the game will tell us more than any of the games being played this week.

This week… Even if God forbid someone loses an NAIA game or wins a D1 game, it still doesn’t mean anything. While it might be tempting to say “If a team loses to an NAIA or D3 school, it says something about the character of that program, that they didn’t take the game seriously,” so on and so forth, except… that’s not the case.

Yes: coaches should be experimenting just enough to see what’s going on and see what happens during games, while still winning the low-level games, there are always outlying factors. And sometimes our conference gets to play the upset role; we schedule D1 games that best case scenario, as a conference, we’ll go 1-9 in, but they’re still fun. “Fun.”

No, Saint Martin’s is the school this year that gets to play Washington, so that will be a fun game regardless of the fact that they’re likely to get blown out by 50.

Speaking of which: Congrats to Simon Fraser on keeping it close and losing by a respectable 24 to Idaho. That’s actually not sarcastic; in terms of SFU, that’s an in-conference margin against a D1 team. Take the sunshine where you can find it. They’re off to UC Irvine next, so regardless of the outcome on Saturday… at least they’ll get literal sunshine. Hashtag GNAC Probs <— that’s sarcasm.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss all of this week’s upcoming games and how they mean exactly nothing.

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