GNAC vs. the CCAA

Here’s the quick break down of who plays whom:

MSUB plays CSU East Bay & Stanislaus.

UAA plays Sonoma State & Chico State.

SFU plays  @ San Francisco State.

UAF plays Humboldt State.

WWU plays San Bernardino.

WOU & NNU both play @ Monterey Bay.

Tiny sample size, a freakishly small 9 games with only one repeated opponent.

Last year we were the Wild and Weak West… San Bernardino State, Chico State, and CSU-Stanislaus were all in the tournament with Chico upsetting and winning the regional as the 4 seed. San Bernardino was an incredibly strong team until the very end, and their game vs. WWU in late December was the perfunctory non-conference mark of last season.

Even more interesting, while CSU-SB vs. WWU may have played a huge role in determining the host, the real prognosticator game was that of the Seattle Pacific @ Chico State, in late November. Chico State beat SPU, SPU won both the regular season and conference title for the GNAC, got bounced in the 1st round of the Regional (by Stanislaus, who upset both Bernardino & Chico in the CCAA tournament), and then as noted: Chico ultimately made the Elite Eight, but they did it by beating Stanislaus.

WWU vs. San Bernardino State this season could be a major determining factor into who hosts the regional, or it could mean absolutely nothing. Much as it’s tempting to say “oh, these are going to be the strong teams, these are going to be the weak teams,” recent history shows it unwise. Any given night. Any given season. There’s a reason we play the games and that’s why…

The Committee is Watching.


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