Here is some of what’s on the horizon:

  • conference perspective
  • schedule musings
  • results
  • hyperbole
  • GNAC bias

Covering the non-conference analysis is really, really important. One of the things that makes Division II different than D1 is knowing the potential opponents we’ll face in March from the first game of the season. This past year, by January 1st, the regional was going to be in southern California, with the 90% odds on San Bernardino hosting.

After non-conference season comes conference play (mostly) and this past year because non-conference was such a wash for the GNAC, every conference result had potentially huge implications. It was really funny to get to the end of the first conference round robin and realize we knew exactly as much as we did when non-conference play ended. That was hilarious if not aggravating.

People will probably be worried that since this blog is being written by an alum of a particular GNAC school that it’ll have biases about that school… meh. I picked my school to lose in the middle of a game when the opposing team was down by 10 and had a sub .500 record. Oh and it was our senior night. The opposing team won, I took a bunch of heat for it… Fact is: it wasn’t my fault.

And while it might be hard to believe: I know men’s basketball. I’ve watched a heck of a lot of it. I watch a heck of a lot of it every year. I’ve watched 35+ games a year in person since 2004, ranging from middle school select to NBA. I’m a straight-up hoopaholic and I’m not looking to go to rehab any time soon.

I never expected to find myself caring about division two basketball, but… here we are, and thus:

Welcome to the coverage of GNAC Men’s Basketball.

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